Social Media Marketing

Tweak was created to help small businesses maximize the benefits of the variety of the most popular social media venues to promote their business.
62% of marketers agree that social media venues are important to businesses, mainly for increased exposure. However, while 62% of businesses use social media for 6 or more hours a week, 26% of them are uncertain of the impact of that time spent. Facebook, the most important social network, poses a particular problem. “When Facebook went public, the world of “free” social networking changed forever,” explains Martha. “It is still free, but all of the people who have “Liked” your page no longer see everything that you post. Facebook is now going after your advertising dollar by using an algorithm to decide which posts will get attention and which won’t.” These changes at Facebook, and similar ones in other networks, make it more difficult for businesses to utilize social media – especially smaller companies who could benefit most from cost-effective social media marketing.

The Tweak Difference 

It’s Tweak’s philosophy that every post we do for your business must sound like your business.  And that’s the Tweak difference.  A lot of love and care is involved in the art of capturing the voice of your business and projecting not only your branding but your product’s personality to your fans.  

Tweak will assist local businesses by offering the ability for them to post as themselves, true to their voice, interests, and personality. We will determine which social media venues best fit their prospective customers, and use the latest market research to ensure that they are making connections – the whole point of social networking, right? How many posts a week is enough, on what days, at what time of day, with what content – these are the questions that Tweak answers, and at a fair rate that costs less than any other effective advertising.

Let Us Tweak Your…


We can help you create and manage an effective enewsletter campaign that drives results. 


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Social media consulting, results driven strategy development and content creation. We help you get heard.


Offering logo design, brochures, postcard mailings, print or digital advertisements, catalog design and more.


Clean, visually compelling, easy to navigate, mobile friendly websites that convert is our specialty.


Whether your’re an established business or a start-up, we can help build your brand and establish your visual identity.

What We Do


It took some convincing to get me to sign on with Tweak, as we have typically done all of our marketing in house. I must say it was one of the best marketing decisions I made this year. Tweak created a social media identity for our business, something we were lacking. They did so in a creative and tasteful manner. I also no longer had to think about Facebook or Twitter on a daily basis (something I appreciate). It was one less thing on my checklist, allowing me more time to focus on the busy day to day operations of our restaurant. I would definitely recommend Tweak to any business.

— Courtney Holdmann Skare, The Cookery Restaurant & Wine Bar