The Tweak Social Media and Marketing Team
Who We Are

Martha Beller

Owner/Marketing Queen

I’ve been driving Door County’s roads, usually selling something, for more than 30 years.  When it was real estate, I enjoyed the multi-faceted nature of listing, selling, marketing and contract writing because it was diverse and I was never bored.  And then I met husband Bill.  I was a northern Door girl, his roots were in Sturgeon Bay, and when we came together, I experienced the whole County and I liked it (correction: loved). Tweak was born when I decided to start a company that would allow me to do what I do best:  sales, marketing, customer service, tourism (four years with the Door County Visitor Bureau) in a new and exciting way … social media.   

I set about trying to find the right people who could fit my vision — of honesty, fairness, attention to detail, strong work ethic, great communication skills – and Tweak was born.  Some of us are natives, some are locals, some just have a love of the work.  Some work together (in our small, back alley office), some work long distance, but together, we form a pretty cohesive group.  Tweak’s mission statement is to provide our clients with creative, thoughtful marketing products, from press releases to service and management, at a good and fair price.  By keeping our overhead low, we are able to provide high quality products at prices that might surprise you.   

DotsandLines500We are entrepreneurs.  We are buds.  We share common goals, values. dreams. We know the time spent brainstorming and working on Tweak projects causes us to grow as individuals and helps to support our next big thing.  We love digital, social and design and we get a bang out of getting great results for your business.

Taah Daah! Introducing the Tweak Team:

Greta Larson<br>Social Media Account Manager

Greta Larson
Social Media Account Manager

Cathy Guilette<br>Account Manager

Cathy Guilette
Account Manager

Mike Jarman<br>Web & Graphic Design

Mike Jarman
Web & Graphic Design

Jason Vincent<br>Social Media Videographer

Jason Vincent
Social Media Videographer

Claudia Scimeca<br>Digital Marketing Consultant

Claudia Scimeca
Digital Marketing Consultant

Luke Chevalier<br>Account Manager / Web Specialist

Luke Chevalier
Account Manager / Web Specialist