After completing his first year at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design studying industrial design, Connor Sannito is excited to be returning to Tweak for the summer! His skill set will allow him to develop products ranging all the way from medical equipment to cars. All in all, we can’t wait for Connor to bring his creativity back to the Tweak team!

This summer he will be Tweak’s Client Concierge. His job with Tweak will be to visit our clients From June into August for a variety of reasons – need a bit of photography for Facebook?  No problem!  Need something delivered to our office? Call Connor!  Need a short video? He’ll be there!
Connor will be scheduling visits (at no additional charge to Tweak clients) from next week to about August 10 when he returns to school to begin his second year.
Connor’s favorite part of the job with us last summer was making our clients happy. His aim for this summer is to pursue that exact thing – to make each Tweak customer smile. BTW, in addition to being able to take professional quality photos for posts, he can create eye-catching graphic design, brainstorm quality ideas, and much more.  How exciting is THAT!?