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Tweak: transitive verb

1. To make small adjustments to.
2. A social media marketing and advertising agency based in Door County.
3. A brand new way to bring results to your business.



Social media consulting, results-driven strategy development and content creation. We help you get heard.


Videos bring content to life. With YouTube being the second largest search engine, video might just be the kick you were hoping for.


Clean, visually compelling, easy to navigate, mobile friendly websites that convert is our specialty.


Offering logo design, brochures, postcard mailings, print or digital advertisements, catalog design and more.


We can help you create and manage an effective enewsletter campaign that drives results. 


Whether you’re an established business or a start-up, we can help build your brand and establish your visual identity.

Tweak Social Media


“Working with Tweak has not only made my life easier and less stressful, but it has also helped my business grow. Tweak has helped my website rank in the top of the Google search results and has grown my social media presence. I know that Tweak’s services are helping my business because when I talk to new potential clients, they say they have seen me (or my business) on Facebook, or have seen my videos on youtube or some other social media channel.

Plus, working with Tweak is easy. They get back to me almost immediately, they are masters of graphic design, and they always have ideas on how to stay relevant. When I need something done, I talk with them and in a few days, boom, it’s done and helping my business. I would highly recommend working with Tweak.”

— Josh Erdman, Owner, Erdye’s Pest Control

Tweak Social Media